Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAPCU-UNMC Volleyball Tournament 2008

15 Nov 2008, UCSI male and female volleyball teams were participating the MAPCU-Nottingham Volleyball Tournament 2008. The University of Nottingham campus is so cool, what a nice study environmnent. However, the location is abit sankala, so far away from the town.

Well, morning and noon we played under hot sun, afternoon we played in the rain... end up all guys got sunburn.

Male and female team both got 2nd runner-up. Kinda sad, actually we can do better than that. We need to train more, more, more and more!!!!!!!!!!

We did a diving slide together on the court at the moment when we have won the 3rd/4th placing match... XD.. picture was not taken.. camera was left in my bag.

I'm so glad that finally UCSI male volleyball has earned the 1st piece of medal in volleyball competition. I know we can do better in the future!

UCSI!! Ush!
UCSI!! Ush!
USCI!! Ush!

Me XD!!

UCSI male and female volleyball teams

UCSI male team

UCSI female team

YEAH!! All with medals

Group photo of all the winners

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