Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ants attack again!!

HOLY SHIT!!! The shitty ants now attack my new modem box.. I really dont understand why they like boxes so much! especially those nice nice boxes - -" pervious victim was my psp box, now my modem box, wtf wtf wtf ... argh!!!!! Anyone can teach me how to get rid of this irritating ants!!! :@

Thursday, April 24, 2008

TTplayer 千千静听

Today I just found this awesome music player. Introducing TTplayer (千千静听) ...

The main feature of this music player is it can auto search lyrics from the internet and display it when a song is played, this is so cool!!! I love this player so much, finally I read the lyrics and try to learn to sing a song properly, LOL, i used to mumble those words or sentences that im not so sure XD...

By the way, it can search lyrics for both English and Chinese songs, not so sure about other language songs, you guys can go try it out :)

TTplayer is totally free like Winamp, and it can be downloaded at

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Sweet Smile

This picture was adapted from, it was taken by a photographer called "bab kiedis". Dont know why, i just like the way she smiles, so sweet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cabbage Fried Rice with Big Prawn


Rice (prefer cold rice)
Egg - 1 enough
Prawn - few


  1. Remove the prawn head and shell, and intestine. Chop the cabbage into very small pieces.

  2. Heat the oil. Fry the prawn until it turns red, put in the cabbrage and continue fry.

  3. Make a clear spot middle of the wok and add some oil, just small amount enough.

  4. Put in the egg and stir it with big flame, until it cook.

  5. Add in the rice now and sprinkle some chicken stock powder for seasoning.

  6. Stir fry the rice until it is done, and ready to be served.

Nigerian Gang Fight

This news i was heard from my housemate. On Saturday early morning around 4am, there was a gang fight among the UCSI Nigerian Student, number unclear but should be around more than 30+, location at outside of Goody Foody Restaurant. Two police cars with 4 police officers came to control the situation but useless. One of the police officer gave a shoot into the air to warn them but those Nigerian just ignore those useless police officer.s Unluckily, no one was killed in the fight..... Too bad for the Goody Foody have to bear all the repairation cost.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


yo~~ finally, final exam is finished!!! **celebrate**

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Argh!!! Ants Attack!!!

Last night, while im reformating my computer, i found out something was crawling out from my new printer. When i take a look closer, it was an ant!! Guess what, it's died another sec *evil grin* Few minutes after, another ant came out again! Argh!! wtf... Then i lift of the top scanner lit, OMFG~~~~~~~~~~~ Bunch of ants partying happily at the hinge of the scanner lit.. i straight away take the Shieldtox and the ants massacre has just started.

When the time I just finished cleaning up the dead ant bodies at the hinge, i found out another another ant pit inside the scanner (below the glass)!!! It was dam frustrating, I already had not enough sleep for past few days, now the fking ants really pissed me like shit.

Then i ripped of the scanner without caring much about will it void the waranty of the printer or not... LOL..... once I detached the glass layer, I spray shieldtox like mad, give them "die gao gao".. hahaha...

Damn, it tooks me 2 hours plus to clean up the bodies and oil's stain on the scanner, reassemble back the parts, adjust alignment.........zzzzzzzz..... really wtf...

My scanner has been ripped off :)

My hero - The Shieldtox

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Dome of Doom

i have cold feet now...

3 more days to the first final's subject....

hopefully i can finish my revision on time....

Any-god bless me :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

How to download Youtube video in easy way?

Hi, do u have any problem in downloading youtube video? most of the ways that ppl often used are through firefox browser, youtube downloader, etc etc. Those ways are very problemsome, because the video need to be re-download if using such ways, this would take up more of your internet bandwidth....
Now i will show u the easiest way to downlaod watched Youtube video, not to say 'download', it's should be called 'save'.
1) Watch any Youtube video, wait until it finish loading.
2) go to Internet Option, and Click "select" button under 'Browsing history'.

3) Then in 'Temporary Internet Files and History Settings', click the 'view files' button, as shown in the picture below.

4) Next, a window of Temporary Internet Files will pop out. Click the "size" button to rearrange bigger size file to be ontop of list, usually video files are quite big size, ranging from 2MB to 50MB depends on how long the video u have watched..

5) Next, compare the video code on the file, that matched with the URL of youtube video u have watched just now. After the files have been identified, copy the file and paste it somewhere else in your harddisk.
6) After paste, it would appear name as vid_file[o] without any extension. So, just simply rename it and remember add an extension of ".flv" behind it.
7) You have successfully save the Youtube video file, and can be watch in your computer now :)
8) This technique is quite useful on other websites/video streaming sites that do not allow you to download their songs, images, etc. Just compare the address where the file from :)
TIPs: - Delete Internet Temporary Files first would be easier for you to find the file u want.
Cheers, Have a nice day~

Friday, April 04, 2008

My new printer with CISS

Last Sunday, 30 Feb, I went to lowyat just to buy this All-in-one printer (Epson Stylus CX5500 /w CISS) for the sake of printing the goddamn research paper, for MCB presentation....

Initially, i really had alot problems on how to use and maintain this so called "user friendly" printer with only 5 simple operating buttons, but the ink catridge part is so freaking complicated, some more it is already modified with CISS.. zzz.. I should have watch them how they install the CISS on my printer...

now, after tries and error, finally i can understand this printer, at least i know:
1) The paper size used must be exactly the same in the printer property setting, or else it wont print...
2) Have to push the freaking tiny small reset button when the ink indicator shows the ink is "running out".
3) This printer is quite good in term of colour photos printing, however, it is FREAKING NOISY!!! and somehow slower than my previous printer HP F380...

Epson Stylus CX5500 All-In-One printer with CISS installed.

Stylish full black casing..
CISS system installed.

Have a nice day

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Final Exam!!

Hell...This is totally madness!! This sem's subjects final exam is the most terrible one, combo shit..

my final exam time table:

10 Apr (Thu) - Pharmacology
11 Apr (Fri) - Food Microbiology
14 Apr (Mon) - Molecular Cell Biology
15 Apr (Tue) - Microbial Biotechnology

zzz.............. so much to study..... wanna die already.....
who can help me...
7 days left... god...

How to upgrade PSP firmware to 3.90m33-3

Hi, now im showing you how to upgrade your PSP firmware to latest 3.90m33-3 custom firmware.. :) please note that this is just a guide, i do not carry any resposibility if any problems happen to your PSP or any legal problems.. Cheers

- A psp with CFW 3.52 m33 or above (if your PSP is below 3.52, please refer 3.52 upgrade procedure here)
- A PSP usb cable.

Part 1 - Preparation on PSP
1) Make sure your battery is fully charged or on with power adapter.
2) Totall off your PSP, then turns it on back, now quickly hold the "R" key before the SONY words show up.
3) Recovery menu will shows up, go under 'configuration', check the kernel mode is on "3.52 kernel"
4) Exit recovery menu

Part 2 - Upgrade part
1) Download the 3.90m33 upgrade pack at
2) Unrar the file, copy the folder named "Upgrade", and paste it into your psp:\\PSP\Game\.
3) Exit USB mode and go to GAME menu.
4) Run the 3.90 upgrade, follow the instruction given ... press X or O whenever they ask u to do so, DO NOT Off the PSP until whole upgrade process is finish, or else u will brick your PSP.
5) Few minutes later, when upgrade process is done and your PSP is now 3.90 m33.
6) go back to USB mode, delete the "Upgrade" foler in psp:\\PSP\Game\

Part 3 - Update part
1) Download the 3.90 m33-3 update file at
2) Unrar and copy the folder named "Upgrade", and paste it into your psp:\\PSP\Game\.
3) Exit USB mode and go to GAME menu.
4) Run the 3.90 m33-3 update, just follow the instruction
5) About less than 1mins, upgrading PSP to 3.90 m33-3 is done :)

Have a nice day :)
any problem can msn me at shinobikit[at]