Saturday, April 12, 2008

Argh!!! Ants Attack!!!

Last night, while im reformating my computer, i found out something was crawling out from my new printer. When i take a look closer, it was an ant!! Guess what, it's died another sec *evil grin* Few minutes after, another ant came out again! Argh!! wtf... Then i lift of the top scanner lit, OMFG~~~~~~~~~~~ Bunch of ants partying happily at the hinge of the scanner lit.. i straight away take the Shieldtox and the ants massacre has just started.

When the time I just finished cleaning up the dead ant bodies at the hinge, i found out another another ant pit inside the scanner (below the glass)!!! It was dam frustrating, I already had not enough sleep for past few days, now the fking ants really pissed me like shit.

Then i ripped of the scanner without caring much about will it void the waranty of the printer or not... LOL..... once I detached the glass layer, I spray shieldtox like mad, give them "die gao gao".. hahaha...

Damn, it tooks me 2 hours plus to clean up the bodies and oil's stain on the scanner, reassemble back the parts, adjust alignment.........zzzzzzzz..... really wtf...

My scanner has been ripped off :)

My hero - The Shieldtox


Monique said...


Wonder what attracted them to your printer.

shinobikit said...


Wonder what attracted them to your printer.

my new printer is too 'sweet' :) LoL

Anonymous said...

yo.. first time dropping by at ur blog.. u a pharmacy student?

Timothy Joseph said...

yo! we have (almost?) exactly the same model of printer/scanner, and ant problem!! what's with this company? is yours still working?