Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Simple updates of my life

Final year project
Just settled my final year project preparation. I have thress personal pipettes, cool huh~... The lab cabinet I'm using now actually is belong to a senior, but according to my supervisor and the lab manager, the senior has gave up his project and did not shown up for lab work for quite a long time. He already failed his project B once, but still showing this kind of attitude, what a shame for him as a University student. Currently, I'm excited on my final year project.

Lately, my performance in volleyball is really bad, I did not touch vb since the MAPCU volleyball competition. Sigh, need to train more to brush up my vb skill.

Inter-faculty Sports Carnival 2009
Still under planning period, still haven't get black and white agreement from UCSI for the sponsorship of the events. Sigh.

I'm still single... sigh..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Argh!! My life sucks

Firstly, my condo electric got cut because didn't pay the bills, spent a day and a night without electric, what a hard time.....

Secondly, I found a way to reflash my N70 to chinese supported firmware, but the loudspeaker so happenly spoilt at the same time.. WTF... GRRRR

Thirdly, not enough money....yet I have so much debts to pay.... ARGH!!!!!!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAPCU-UNMC Volleyball Tournament 2008

15 Nov 2008, UCSI male and female volleyball teams were participating the MAPCU-Nottingham Volleyball Tournament 2008. The University of Nottingham campus is so cool, what a nice study environmnent. However, the location is abit sankala, so far away from the town.

Well, morning and noon we played under hot sun, afternoon we played in the rain... end up all guys got sunburn.

Male and female team both got 2nd runner-up. Kinda sad, actually we can do better than that. We need to train more, more, more and more!!!!!!!!!!

We did a diving slide together on the court at the moment when we have won the 3rd/4th placing match... XD.. picture was not taken.. camera was left in my bag.

I'm so glad that finally UCSI male volleyball has earned the 1st piece of medal in volleyball competition. I know we can do better in the future!

UCSI!! Ush!
UCSI!! Ush!
USCI!! Ush!

Me XD!!

UCSI male and female volleyball teams

UCSI male team

UCSI female team

YEAH!! All with medals

Group photo of all the winners

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to enable Symbian S60 to display chinese words

If your symbian phone (S60) cant read chinese words, here's a trick to enable your S60 phone to read it, taking my N70 as example.

Phone software required:
-Files explorer (eg. FExplorer, SeleQ)

Font file download:
-click here to download

1) Download the required rar file, unrar it.
2) Install the 123MMCfonts.sis into phone.
3) Restart phone after finished.
4) IF your phone still unable to read chinese, please proceed below steps
5) Run phone's file explorer and go to [E:\System\]
6) Copy the folder "Fonts".
7) Now go to [C:\System\]
8) Delete the folder "Fonts" in [C:\System], if there is any
9) Paste the copied folder "Fonts" into [C:\System]
10) Restart the phone. Done.

p/s: I do not hold any responsible if anything bad happened to your phone, do it at your own risk. If your dont want to take any risk, go to nearest Nokia Care Center, pay some cash to flash your phone to firmware that suppport Chinese words.

Have a nice day :)

secret code

Let's see who can decode this :)

HINT: QR code :) use google to find it out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too sexy... wtf?

In my final year project proposal presentation, I inserted the picture above in one of my slides regarding Waist to Hip ratio measurement, to aid my presentation...

After I sent my draft to my supervisor for review, and she said, "this picture is too sexy, change another more PRESENTABLE picture.."

I was like... WTF? This is best picture I can find from the internet XD...

perhaps, I should put this....

Damn sien, no mood to do presentation dy...

so sad.... *cry*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Empty heart

Just finished House MD season 4.
The ending episode is really touching..
Cut-throat Bitch had an accident, she cant be saved, and she was dying...
Her boyfriend, Dr.Wilson accompanied her until the moment he turned the bypass machine off......
It just can simply make anyone burst his/her tears off..
I'm not touched, surprisingly..
I guess..
The one in my heart has already long gone..
I love no one..
and no one for me to love.....
kinda sad....
and pathetic...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mario&Nesty - Never Say Goodbye

Cool rapper + hot chicks group.... *drool*

What a nice song, although I don't understand what the guy is rapping and the girls singing about AT ALL (except those english part) XD... I heard this song for the first time from a local online music game, Extreme Dance Online. ..

For your information, this is an OST from a korean movie called "My Girl", which I have not watch before, lol, who cares... I dont give a damn, not a fan of korean movies...

Okay, cut the crap. Let's move your body~~

P/S, if you like this song, the mp3 version can be downloaded at HERE

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peek out

Hello people, recently my mind was super blank, don't know what to blog... so... checked my photos inventory, found this picture I taken quit long ago...

While others try to peek in, I peek out.... from a secret place... LOL...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exam Over

Im abit excited here.. hahah..

Before exam, my finger wound was sctrached by the zip of my bag, luckily no heavy bleeding, just little amount of blood squeezed out. XD..
Even with my finger hurted, I still managed to finish my IEB exam in 90 minutes.. quite easy, huhu~...
When I passed up my papers, my lecturer was shocked, "SO FAST FINISH?!"
I smile to her, and just left the exam hall. XD.. Sibeh Cool..

After exam.. went to pet shop in Giant to buy another goldfish. Ya, to replace the dead one. HAHAHA... this new one looks cuter than the previous dead one..

Even final exam is over, but i still have to work on the final year project presentation slide, the draft slides have to be ready and give to supervisor on this Friday.. Sigh...

Exam Stress

WOAH!!! Can you see that, red eyes...

really stress, the IEB notes seems got alot of things to study, but like got nothing also, so freaking dam hard to predict what kind of questions will come out... Grrr... stress...

LOL, I dont dare to take coffee today, because since early morning my heart beat was higher than normal. I scare I will faint in the exam hall later if I take coffee..HAHA

Monday, October 20, 2008

Funeral speech

Dear beloved goldfish,

Im so sorry that I have accidently killed you. It was my bad, I admit my fault, I should have put some anti-chlorine into the pail. It was so nice to have you as my pet, you have brought me fun, however, your chlorine resistancy is too Low than I expected. As what Bill Gates said, "Life is not fair; get used to it." So, stay strong when you continue your life in the other world. By the way, being as a high intelligence organism, I do respect you as a organisms as well. Therefore, I don't flush you into the toilet bowl like what other human do, it is a inhuman type of funeral. So, I wrapped you with multi layers of toilet paper (Cutie Compact brand, not a cheap brand), and buried you into a place where I could find, hope u like it. Lastly, rest in peace, my loved one.


Fking Bad Day

Wah lao eh, today really sui dou tip dei ...


The glass aquarium broken when i wanna clean it this afternoon.


And i din notice the glass was broken, eventually, the edge cut my right middle finger. My finger bleeds like hell, fresh blood just non-stop flushing out no matter how hard i press on the wound.. So i raised up my arm, the blood pressure to the finger reduced and eventually blood clot the wound. Phew..


After i have settled my wound, I went down to the pet shop to get a new aquarium for the 2 poor fishes...


And guess what, one of the goldfish died because soaked in the high chlorine pipe water for more than 1 hours... I'm so regret, should have add anti-chlorine to the water...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emo post

Just finished watching House MD Season3...
The last episode...
House's three doctors; Cameron and Foreman resigned, and Chase fired...
Reason: It's time for a change...


I think, it's time for me to change too...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Song - 爱的呼唤

This is the first time i post my voice to blog...
Click the player below to start listen
XD... i know i have no singing talent.. please dont shoot me...

Comment pls.. XD

Music Playlist at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My singing sucks

Just now was so bored, then out of nowhere i got this idea of recording my singing lorr. LOL... really nothing better to do...


I thought my voice was pretty sexy, hehehe.... Too bad i found out that it was not that 'good' as i thought...

i was planning to post my singing in my blog, but then, better dont, scare someone will whack me when see me on the street... LOL...

so.... take a nap first, then start my Final year project literature review...


last and not least..

Monday, October 13, 2008

My new housemates, so cute

Hey ppl, meet my new housemates, they are so cute!!

Their room...

Welcome welcome...

They like their room...

Swim swim swim....

by the way, I have not name these 2 gold fishies yet...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My background music's MV

I found this MV from youtube, enjoy...
**pause the music box first before watch the video**
The ending quite nice...
quite artistic, but cannot watch..

By the way, i have created poll there, i will remove the song if "NO" more than "YES". The poll duration last for one week.

Literature review for final year project

OMG....can u see how thick are those research papers!!

Im gonna die.....


My first cheque from Nuffang

MUAHAHAHA... my very first blog advertisment earning..
RM50+ for 3 months, not bad as a starter....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a mess

Hi people, introducing my study/dining/work table... XD
well... it has been in that messy condition since... hurm... last sem holiday if not mistaken Im not mistaken...
finally decided to clean it up today...


newspaper, mugs, plates, empty bottles, notes, calculator, thermometer, tripod, electrical bug racket, and lots of trash....


clean and clear...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Swim at Angkasa? think twice...

crystal clear water, no rubbish, however there is extra some "deco" at the pool side....

Photography by Shinxz, 09OCT2008;8am

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Survivor S17 - Gabon, Earth's last eden

This is most frustrated survivor season ever... My favourite hot girl - Michelle 1st voted out from the game... damn it...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gambling at Genting

Well, two days ago which was my birthday, went up to genting with my family. My second time in my lifetime walking into the Genting casino through the front door XD, kinda different feel. Well, when i was a croupier always entered the casino through the backdoor (employee entrance).

I only had less than RM50 cash in my wallet and i dont dare to use my pocket money to gamble, so just watching my parent play. When my mom won, she gave me RM25 chip and ask me go play myself. So, I went to the Tai-sai table (big-small). I know how the trend goes, so i bet according to my experience. So, end of the day, I have won RM150 with only RM25 modal and never lose a single game. You might say all because of newbie luck, well, when come to gambling, I trust the simple maths statistic and my experience instead of betting blindly or following the crowd blindly.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UniKL Volleyball Tournament 2008

Hey to all my blog readers, sorry for not updating my blog since early of August. Well, I was super busy with my assignment, then final exams... phew, luckily it is over now :)

K, last Saturday on 23-24 August 2008, UCSI Volleyball Teams has participated in volleyball competiton in Karnival Sukan Harapan Zon Tengah 2008, hosted by University Kuala Lumpur, Bangi Campus.

In the 23rd Aug morning, we were asked to participate in their athletes parade of Opening ceremony. Heck, I think those organizers have been watching Olympic too much. And the hell part, we were ordered to wear long pants for the parade!!! Can you imagine that wearing black jersey and dark long pants standing under freaking hot sun listening to unlistenable damn-long VIP speeches?!! All were sweating like hell.

The weather was super bad throughout the volleyball tournament, in the morning playing under freaking hot sun, afternoon playing in the rain, WTF!

For the result, the UCSI male volleyball team only win 1 game out of 3 games in qualifying stage, so did not make it into quaterfinal. Kinda sad, our male team standard is far lower than other university team :(. However, congratulation to our female volleyball team, the champion of female volleyball competition!!! Not to forget that their final match were playing under heavy rain. It is not easy to play volleyball in the rain, the wet volleyball court is very slippery, each step and jump must take super caution.

The Champion---UCSI Female Volleyball Team!!!!

Girls, I am proud of you all :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My birthday wish list!

Well, just in case you guys don't know my birthday, it is on 31 August! Ya, Malaysia Independence Day :) K, cut the crap. Here is the wish list for my coming birthday.

1) SONY DSLR a-200

current market price (w/single kit lens = Rm1.5k)

2)55L Backpack (any decent brand will do) :)

current market price (around RM200-300)

3) Cash

Prefer the one with 100 or 50

People, "sik do" larr.. :D

Friday, August 01, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

-31 Ogos by Sudirman-


well, today is 1st of August, meaning that 31st August just around the corner, Malaysia will be celebrating the 51th Birthday. While I will be celebrating my 22th Birthday (I'm a merdeka boy XD)....

By the way, I wanna shout "Merdeka!" the hell out now. Why?! Psycho?! HEHEH~~ I have just finished the last report of this semester.... MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHHA~~~


Now... FINAL EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the next to go~~

Sunday, July 06, 2008

TFK 打飞机!!

cant laugh anymore... XD

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Dont Give A Damn

From today now on, "I dont give a damn" would be my quote. Why? Giving too much of damn would damned my ownself, so, why would i give a damn?

Whoever dosent want to come volleyball training, I dont give a damn.
Whoever doesnt want to train seriously, I dont give a damn.
Quiz, midterm, assignment, lab report, whatever shit i dont give a damn.
Dont sleep so late, it is bad for health. I dont give a damn.
Clean your room, it is so messy. I dont give a damn.
Hanging out with other guy. I dont give a damn.
Dont want to eat with me. I dont give a damn.
Whatever you wanna do, I dont give a damn.
Whatever you want me to do, I dont give a damn.

Ya right, Im a emo kid. So what? I dont give a damn.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Diablo III

Recently I have downloaded the Diablo II and replay it again, and same as last time, got addicted to it, playing non stop...

Two days ago, when i was checking forum, under game section I saw this attractive title, saying that Diablo III is confirmed by Blizzard and it is coming soon!!! Then went to check some teaser and gameplay video at youtube since the official site is overloaded with traffice, nothing much about the teaser video but the gameplay video was amazing, can see how big difference compared to Diablo II.

By the way, Memp is dead, Diablo is dead, even Baal is dead... wonder how Blizzard continue the story line... Huhu... im excited!! XD

Sunday, June 29, 2008


One day, when I visited my friend-- Ah kean's blog, saw his few potraits taken by his friend. So, when I saw this pic, something went across my mind telling me that I should edit this picture. So, here it is. My masterpiece.. :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Volleyball Training

It have been long dormant period since the last post, cant help it, I have nothing to write about, since there is some time while waiting my hair to dry before going to bed. Okay, let's write about my volleyball training today.

Today's volleyball training, I can say it was one of the best training session. Why? Because finally I can catch the spiking timing and the spiking technique. Due to my weak arm, I always cant spike properly, the ball will either fly up or spiked under the net, dam terrible. So, here come my volleyball mate, Shawn, but I like to address him as ZiRong XD, sweet :) He taught me dont use arm strength to deliver the force, use wrist strength instead. He said that I have height, so no need to use full arm strength, just a good jumping and using a tiny wrist tapping can spike the ball very nice. Indeed, I can spike few nice balls during my turn of spiking drill. Hope that will impress my captain XD...

So, done with my spiking story, now the sad case story. Today, my head, arm, thigh, ass and even my dick got banged with spiked volleyball = =". Damn pain I tell u guy, the worst case was when the ball banged my head, I had an temporary (around half a minutes) of one sided deaf, because the ball bang right onto my right ears. Im glad that my still can listen after the trauma.

Okay, my hair is dry, time to go to bed. Nitez everyone. Sigh, the coming days will be my tough days, rushing few lab reports, few assignments, preparation of midterm exam, blah blah blah... u name it. HeLL~!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

OMFG!! Can you see that?! 32.7'C! Ya, no jokes, that's my room temperature now. It is so freaking hot here... argh~~~ I already tried my best to cool myself down, what i have done so far:
1) Being topless
2) Took countless times of shower
3) Drink freezing cold cola
yet im still feeling very hot!!!!!! argh~~!!!!! now the room temperature raised to 32.9'C.. Im going to die soon, as roasted pork - -"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kim Tek Bak Kut Teh

This Kim Tek Restaurant serves the best Bak Kut teh i ever tested. The soup is thick enough, meats are so tender, most importantly their rice is not just plain rice, it tastes like the butter rice of the chicken rice. Really Ho-Chak!!! Guys, do try it out, the restaurant is located at kepong, somewhere near the junction of the MRR2 and Kepong highway, quite near to FRIM as well.

the location map