Monday, October 20, 2008

Funeral speech

Dear beloved goldfish,

Im so sorry that I have accidently killed you. It was my bad, I admit my fault, I should have put some anti-chlorine into the pail. It was so nice to have you as my pet, you have brought me fun, however, your chlorine resistancy is too Low than I expected. As what Bill Gates said, "Life is not fair; get used to it." So, stay strong when you continue your life in the other world. By the way, being as a high intelligence organism, I do respect you as a organisms as well. Therefore, I don't flush you into the toilet bowl like what other human do, it is a inhuman type of funeral. So, I wrapped you with multi layers of toilet paper (Cutie Compact brand, not a cheap brand), and buried you into a place where I could find, hope u like it. Lastly, rest in peace, my loved one.



奇摩の漫画部落 said...
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阿佩 said...

so fast, 1 week no enough..
(sorry, use wrong account to post commenta! > <)