Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exam Over

Im abit excited here.. hahah..

Before exam, my finger wound was sctrached by the zip of my bag, luckily no heavy bleeding, just little amount of blood squeezed out. XD..
Even with my finger hurted, I still managed to finish my IEB exam in 90 minutes.. quite easy, huhu~...
When I passed up my papers, my lecturer was shocked, "SO FAST FINISH?!"
I smile to her, and just left the exam hall. XD.. Sibeh Cool..

After exam.. went to pet shop in Giant to buy another goldfish. Ya, to replace the dead one. HAHAHA... this new one looks cuter than the previous dead one..

Even final exam is over, but i still have to work on the final year project presentation slide, the draft slides have to be ready and give to supervisor on this Friday.. Sigh...

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