Thursday, June 26, 2008

Volleyball Training

It have been long dormant period since the last post, cant help it, I have nothing to write about, since there is some time while waiting my hair to dry before going to bed. Okay, let's write about my volleyball training today.

Today's volleyball training, I can say it was one of the best training session. Why? Because finally I can catch the spiking timing and the spiking technique. Due to my weak arm, I always cant spike properly, the ball will either fly up or spiked under the net, dam terrible. So, here come my volleyball mate, Shawn, but I like to address him as ZiRong XD, sweet :) He taught me dont use arm strength to deliver the force, use wrist strength instead. He said that I have height, so no need to use full arm strength, just a good jumping and using a tiny wrist tapping can spike the ball very nice. Indeed, I can spike few nice balls during my turn of spiking drill. Hope that will impress my captain XD...

So, done with my spiking story, now the sad case story. Today, my head, arm, thigh, ass and even my dick got banged with spiked volleyball = =". Damn pain I tell u guy, the worst case was when the ball banged my head, I had an temporary (around half a minutes) of one sided deaf, because the ball bang right onto my right ears. Im glad that my still can listen after the trauma.

Okay, my hair is dry, time to go to bed. Nitez everyone. Sigh, the coming days will be my tough days, rushing few lab reports, few assignments, preparation of midterm exam, blah blah blah... u name it. HeLL~!


ahkean said...

poor little small dick..
so cham,hehe-.-

shinobikit said...

Hahahaha.... not cham..

during secondary time, it suffered bang from football = =" more painful... XD