Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

OMFG!! Can you see that?! 32.7'C! Ya, no jokes, that's my room temperature now. It is so freaking hot here... argh~~~ I already tried my best to cool myself down, what i have done so far:
1) Being topless
2) Took countless times of shower
3) Drink freezing cold cola
yet im still feeling very hot!!!!!! argh~~!!!!! now the room temperature raised to 32.9'C.. Im going to die soon, as roasted pork - -"


阿佩 said...


~YM~ said...

plug power source into the clock. guarantee the temp naik til more than 40 + cos overheated. hehe..

QuaChee said...

golly, at first i thot u put up the food pic to show what you ate next.. then i got the pic. lol!

pikey said...

eh... where u got that clock? so informative one.. i also wanna buy