Monday, June 30, 2008

Diablo III

Recently I have downloaded the Diablo II and replay it again, and same as last time, got addicted to it, playing non stop...

Two days ago, when i was checking forum, under game section I saw this attractive title, saying that Diablo III is confirmed by Blizzard and it is coming soon!!! Then went to check some teaser and gameplay video at youtube since the official site is overloaded with traffice, nothing much about the teaser video but the gameplay video was amazing, can see how big difference compared to Diablo II.

By the way, Memp is dead, Diablo is dead, even Baal is dead... wonder how Blizzard continue the story line... Huhu... im excited!! XD


ahkean said...

dun play online game,later u addicted then u die~.~

shinobikit said...

not online game actually but is it online playable provided original cd key :) i think im gonna buy the original game for the sake of gaming.. hahahah

ahkean said...

later u fail then i laugh very loud!!