Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Simple updates of my life

Final year project
Just settled my final year project preparation. I have thress personal pipettes, cool huh~... The lab cabinet I'm using now actually is belong to a senior, but according to my supervisor and the lab manager, the senior has gave up his project and did not shown up for lab work for quite a long time. He already failed his project B once, but still showing this kind of attitude, what a shame for him as a University student. Currently, I'm excited on my final year project.

Lately, my performance in volleyball is really bad, I did not touch vb since the MAPCU volleyball competition. Sigh, need to train more to brush up my vb skill.

Inter-faculty Sports Carnival 2009
Still under planning period, still haven't get black and white agreement from UCSI for the sponsorship of the events. Sigh.

I'm still single... sigh..

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