Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gambling at Genting

Well, two days ago which was my birthday, went up to genting with my family. My second time in my lifetime walking into the Genting casino through the front door XD, kinda different feel. Well, when i was a croupier always entered the casino through the backdoor (employee entrance).

I only had less than RM50 cash in my wallet and i dont dare to use my pocket money to gamble, so just watching my parent play. When my mom won, she gave me RM25 chip and ask me go play myself. So, I went to the Tai-sai table (big-small). I know how the trend goes, so i bet according to my experience. So, end of the day, I have won RM150 with only RM25 modal and never lose a single game. You might say all because of newbie luck, well, when come to gambling, I trust the simple maths statistic and my experience instead of betting blindly or following the crowd blindly.


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