Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UniKL Volleyball Tournament 2008

Hey to all my blog readers, sorry for not updating my blog since early of August. Well, I was super busy with my assignment, then final exams... phew, luckily it is over now :)

K, last Saturday on 23-24 August 2008, UCSI Volleyball Teams has participated in volleyball competiton in Karnival Sukan Harapan Zon Tengah 2008, hosted by University Kuala Lumpur, Bangi Campus.

In the 23rd Aug morning, we were asked to participate in their athletes parade of Opening ceremony. Heck, I think those organizers have been watching Olympic too much. And the hell part, we were ordered to wear long pants for the parade!!! Can you imagine that wearing black jersey and dark long pants standing under freaking hot sun listening to unlistenable damn-long VIP speeches?!! All were sweating like hell.

The weather was super bad throughout the volleyball tournament, in the morning playing under freaking hot sun, afternoon playing in the rain, WTF!

For the result, the UCSI male volleyball team only win 1 game out of 3 games in qualifying stage, so did not make it into quaterfinal. Kinda sad, our male team standard is far lower than other university team :(. However, congratulation to our female volleyball team, the champion of female volleyball competition!!! Not to forget that their final match were playing under heavy rain. It is not easy to play volleyball in the rain, the wet volleyball court is very slippery, each step and jump must take super caution.

The Champion---UCSI Female Volleyball Team!!!!

Girls, I am proud of you all :)

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