Saturday, August 08, 2009

Typhoid fever

The 2nd day of COOP (intern), been feeling great for whole day, but just the moment before finish work, suddenly feel very uncomfortable. A moment later, I felt my body temperature was rising, headache, could feel heat and the signs of getting sick soon. After finished work, I realised some red tiny spots were appearing on my both arms. Crap!

I checked my body temperature with termometer once I've got home. Woah! My body temperature was high at 38.5'C. I told myself have to sleep earlier tonight, but then when I checked at night later, found that the temperature had raised to 39.0'C. "Wow! This no joke, something was wrong, must see doctor!", told myself. Then, I went out to find a clinic, but the one opposite Carrefour was closed! Shit. I'm dead. So, I had no choice but to buy a panadol pills from the nearby minimarket instead. Got home, my body temperature was raised again to 39.2'C and it just didn't drop. My mom and friend ask me to go hospital to see doctor incase anything happens. Sigh, no choice and had to drive out myself again to the nearest Sime Darby Medical Centre (perviously known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre).

On my way to hospital, I saw another clinic was still open. Phew, so lucky! After the examined by doctor, the doctor diagnosed that I was having typoid fever, instead of H1N1 flu or dengue. Guys, no worries to isolate me, thank you. Doctor gave me two days MC (but I only MCed for 1 day, silly me), asked me to rest more and drink more water.

These medicines costed me RM50, sigh...

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